We will never fully recover from the loss of McKenna, but what we can do now and forever is remember her and to share her story. When you go to the website, https://floridaalliancegirlshockey.com you will now notice in the lower right hand cover of our champions video, the “McKenna Badge” for Kindness matters. When you click on the badge, it will bring you to our thoughts on McKenna and if you scroll down, you will see more information on Suicide awareness, prevention, and hotline numbers. We are committed to changing how people view mental illness and efforts we can all make for suicide prevention. All of our teams, local travel clubs and players from around the country are already wearing their badges on their helmets. We will be setting up a storefront to promote the McKenna Badge, 100% of the profits will go to local suicide awareness centers.

The girls 19/16/14 and 12U AAA teams started off their season in Connecticut at the NGHL Dawg Daze Showcase and Tournament. We were greeted with cards and flowers from clubs all over the country sharing their support for the girls. We have never been more proud to belong to such fine organizations as the NGHL. They went all out with a special engagement with Madison Packer speaking to the clubs about her attempted suicide and recovery and now her advocacy for suicide and bullying prevention. We are learning that suicide and mental illness is still taboo, that we are not suppose to talk about our pain, Madison did an incredible job sharing her story and how life is worth living. To read more of her story, https://uwbadgers.com/news/2022/6/13/andy-baggot-mywords-madison-packer.aspx

Congratulations to the Florida Alliance team winning the NGHL 12U AAA Championship going 5-0 to claim the top prize.

The following weekend the 19/16 and 14U Tier 2 AA teams started their season with the NGHL Labor Day Challenge in Connecticut and the 19/16 and 14U Tier 1 AAA teams where at the NAHA Showcase in Mass.

Next up, the girls head to Harvard for a showcase. Kindness Matters.