The Beantown Classic is literally one of, if not the most popular summer female showcase event across North America. Beantown is literally the place to be for aspiring young female players. Beantown Women’s tournament takes place over 2 weekends at the New England Sports Center with over 200 teams filled with female hockey players. This tournament will attract over 75 NCAA / ACHA College coaches that are eagerly scouting the next generation of future stars.

Beantown is where you look to see what the future represents, all the hard work, all the practices, puck touches and all the road trips you have taking to play hockey, it all comes to a head in Boston. Just imagine finishing up a game on rink 3 and walking over to rink 1 to watch 15-20 of the worlds best female hockey players competing in a summer event just like they would when facing off against each other at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Brianna Decker, Hilary Knight, Marie-Philip Poulin and Alex Carpenter who just happen to be some of the best players in the world playing in the same tournament that you are. Then run in to them in the pro-shop for a selfie or better yet, toss a volleyball around with them while they let their gear dry on the front lawn of NESC.

If this is your first visit to the New England Sports Center, the first thing you see is the biggest arena you have stepped foot in, but its deep, and then you discover its 10 rinks under one roof. NESC was built over twenty years ago with only 4 sheets under 1 roof and now you need a map just to navigate the 10 rinks which has become one of the largest ice rink facilities in the world.

As the games progress. you start to notice every tree that surrounds this facility has gear hanging from it, like ornaments on a Christmas tree. Our tournaments throughout the season will have hundreds of girls. Beantown has thousands of girls all with the same goal, the same path, the same hope of destiny. Beantown is like no other tournament. The girls will experience jaw dropping moments. They compete with girls from all over the country, from all over the world. For three days, they are keeping the nerves in check… wanting that shot on goal, blocking a shot, making that perfect sauce pass, or as Coach Shawn says, that “WOW” moment.

Being from Florida, we lose sight of the big playground out there, but once you’ve been to events like this, its hard to deny the desire to return.  There are no rights or wrongs to the journey, only pauses and adjusting what is best for your player and family. Are these the only paths to discovery, of course not, but it becomes the new summer norm when searching for a competitive event that draws scouts from all over. We now look forward to college coaches and recruiters coming to the sunshine state to find more players to fill out there D-I and D-III rosters. Our U19 Alliance players have all experienced the “Beantown” tournament, they are paving the way for the younger players to experience Beantown for years to come.

Click on the below link for registration. Availability will be first to rostered players for 2021-22 season, then alternates and at-large players looking for a team to play on.