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  1. Florida Alliance Girls 12U Goes undefeated to win 2022 RUSH Florida
  2. Florida Alliance Girls Hockey 19U AAA wins 2021 CCM Windy City Elite
  3. Florida Alliance Girls 19U Tier 1 team competed in the Nashville Smashville Tournament Nov 26-28
  4. Florida Alliance Girls 12/14/16/19U teams head to the CCM Windy City Elite tournament Dec 3-5
  5. Florida Alliance Girls Teams head to Detroit for the CCM World Invitational Nov 11-14th, 2021.

2021 Iceberg Video Analytics Fee

At the beginning of the season, players paid $75 to NGHL to include league registration, Iceberg Sports Analytics, and the Prospect Exchange (TPE) for approx 15 games. After the first tournament, we found the value of the game analysis and the ability to interact with college coaches to be extremely beneficial for player development, coaching evaluations, and the TPE portal allowing players and colleges a means to share player data and video for recruitment. As Shawn Ray mentioned, we have found this to be a very powerful tool making this product permanent for the balance of the season. As we continue to our player development and the goal to connect players to colleges, we have purchased and additional 25 games per team to track progress through the season allowing us the ability to have approximately 40 games. We will have the discretion to which games we submit. Depending on the game count this season, we will have the ability to purchase another 5-10 games if needed for USA Hockey Nationals.

Every Player has now been set up in both Iceberg and TPE. Every player has now seen their own player page and how to communicate with college coaches. Once we establish a baseline of 10-15 games. We will have a mandatory player meeting that explains in detail the statistics presented in Iceberg and how to leverage these data points to engage colleges. We plan to continue this portion of development next season, allowing us to track player development with multiple seasons of data charting progression.

We cannot proceed with the service until we submit our payment. This additional service and fee is not associated with any Florida Alliance tuition, NGHL adjustment, or tournament fee. Lee Zerfass is collecting the funds and making the payments necessary to meet our financial obligation.